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 The Application Form

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PostSubject: The Application Form   Fri May 07, 2010 3:52 am

Welcome to Dragon Guard. Thank you in advance for your interest in joining DG. Please create YOUR OWN thread/topic entitled w/ your character's name. Copy & paste the following form filling it out completely. If you are not interested in joining all events simply answer "N/A" to questions pertaining to events you do not wish to join. All fields are required to be answered to be considered in joining the shell. Once an application as been overlooked a decision will be made & you will be notified by one of the shell leaders/officers, & a reply will more than likely be made to your post. Thank you again & we hope to see you w/ us.

Character Information

Character Name:


Main Job:

Other 75 jobs:

Sub Jobs:

Merits (List in detail. If multiple jobs please list Each job & then it's merits.):


Notable Gear (No links to external sites):

Character Mission Progress Information:

Nation Rank(s):

Rise of the Zilart:

Chains of Promathia:

Treasures of Aht Urhgan:

Mercenary Rank:

Wings of the Goddess:

A Crystalline Prophecy:

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat:

A Shantotto Ascension:

Endgame Schedule (All times are EST/EDT)

Dynamis: Tuesday 7:00pm and Saturday 3:00pm
Limbus: Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 7:00pm

What events are you most interested in joining?

If accepted can you attend all events (that you've expressed interest in)?

Why are you applying to DragonGuard?:

Previous Linkshell:

Reason for leaving:

End-Game Access information


What Dynamis experience do you have?
Cities Cleared:
Icelands Cleared:
Dreamlands Cleared (N/A for no access):
What Relic gear do you seek?
Are you currently or do you intend to begin working on a Relic Weapon?


Do you have Sea access?
What experience do you have in Limbus?
What experience do you have w/ sea?

Personal RL Information

Age (Optional):
Gender (Optional):
Time Zone:
Time of day you usually play:
Will you be on Ventrillo with us?:
Who do you know in our LS?:
Who else has access to your account?:

Other Notes (you can express anything you wish us to know or questions you may have here):


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The Application Form
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