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 Okimi - Application

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PostSubject: Okimi - Application   Sun Sep 16, 2012 11:45 am

Character Information

Character Name: Okimi

Race: Mithra (Manthra)

Main Job: Any that the LS would need, but I suppose I play WHM the most

Other 75 jobs: 99WAR, 99MNK, 99THF, 99BST, 99WHM, 99BLM, 99RDM, 99BRD, 99SCH, 75SMN (I haven't leveled SMN because I don't have Odin or Alexander yet.)

Sub Jobs: any necessary are at 49 or higher

Merits (List in detail. If multiple jobs please list Each job & then it's merits.):

HP = 8
MP = 7

STR = 12

GAXE = 8
H2H = 8
Dagger = 8
Evasion = 4
Parrying = 4

Enfeebling = 8
Elemental = 8
Summoning = 8

Crit Hit Rate = 5
Spell Interr. Rate = 5

WAR = Berserk 5, DA Rate 5, WAR Charge 5, Tomahawk 1, Savagery 4

MNK = Counter 5, Kick Att 5, Formless Strikes 5, Penance 5

THF = TA Rate 5, SA Recast 3, TA Recast 2, Feint 5, Ass. Charge 4, Aura Steal 1

WHM = Cure Cast Time 5, Bar Spell 5, Pro5 5, Shell5 5

BLM = Ice Pot 5, Lit Pot 5, Burst2 5, All other AM2 1

RDM = Convert 5, Ice Magic Acc 5, Para2 5, Phalanx2 5

BST = REward Recast 5, Call Beast Recast 5, Killer Instinct 5, Beast Healer 5

BRD = Minuet 5, Madrigal 5, Nightingale 1, Troubador 1

SMN = Avatar Phys Acc 5, Avatar Magic Att 5, Heavenly Strike 5, All other Blood Pacts 1

SCH = Helix Magic Acc/Att 1, Max Sublimation 4, Enlightenment 4

Weapon Skills = Shijin Spiral 5, Exenterator 5, Ruinator 2

Crafts: 80 Synergy, 91 Fishing, 70 Woodworking, other misc

Notable Gear (No links to external sites):

~Quite lacking in this department. I do have several AF3+2 pieces, but I am still missing a lot. I've done a lot in Abyssea, but it's pretty much all been from me 2-boxing things. So, there is still quite a bit that I need. I also have barely scratched the surface of Voidwatch, so no gear from there :-(

I do have magian weapons upgraded to 99 including GAXE (VIT/PDT path... regrettable, but I had FC in mind), H2H (STR/Att path), 2xDagger (AGI/Eva path), Arka IV (Cure Pot) and I did make my own Chatoyant Staff. I'm working on Thunder and Ice Damage Potency staves right now as well.

I do play with Motenten's DPS spreadsheets for my jobs, so I'm not a total idiot with gear choices (but gimp? yes :p) I'm happy to throw on gear and let you check things out if you're concerned about performance.

Character Mission Progress Information:

Nation Rank(s): Windurst 10, other nations NADA

Rise of the Zilart: Finished

Chains of Promathia: Finished

Treasures of Aht Urhgan: On final fight

Mercenary Rank: only LC ;; I do have a Floor 100 Nyzul token (old Nyzul, I haven't done NNI yet) but I haven't done many other Assaults or Salvage

Wings of the Goddess: Finished

A Crystalline Prophecy: Finished (pet gear augments)

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: Finished (pet gear augments)

A Shantotto Ascension: on Shantotto in Chains

Endgame Schedule (All times are EST/EDT)

Dynamis: Tuesday 7:00pm and Saturday 3:00pm
Limbus: Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 7:00pm

What events are you most interested in joining?

~If I had to choose, I would say getting through some VW with the shell. However, it would just be nice to have a group of friends to do ANY events with.

If accepted can you attend all events (that you've expressed interest in)?

~Weekdays could sometimes be a challenge because of work/classes. Weekends work great with my schedule. However, if I'm available to be online, I will be in attendance for sure.

Why are you applying to DragonGuard?:

~I just happened to check out your website while I was browsing on FFXIAH one day. I liked the look of your schedule and you seemed friendly and open.

Previous Linkshell: ~NamidaStar circa 2007/2008 (yeah, it's been that long)

Reason for leaving:

~My brother got rid of the original character that we used to share, Creed (if that rings a bell to anybody in the shell). I don't really know how this happened and I'm still pretty frustrated about it lol. He had most control over it, regrettably. I did not want to quit the game and had to restart with a new character. I haven't been in a steady LS since that time.

End-Game Access information


What Dynamis experience do you have?

~I've done Dyna for years, but I've only done the new Dyna a handful of times. I get how to proc, etc. though.

Cities Cleared: All
Icelands Cleared: Both
Dreamlands Cleared (N/A for no access): All except Tavnazia
What Relic gear do you seek?

~I do have a few random pieces that I still need to pick up for jobs that I've only recently leveled (BRD, SCH, SMN), but I have most if not all pieces for my other jobs. I'd love to work on upgrading to Relic+2 whenever I can.

Are you currently or do you intend to begin working on a Relic Weapon?

~Unfortunately, no. I have too much work to do with my gear before thinking about investing any money in a relic.


Do you have Sea access? Yes
What experience do you have in Limbus?

~I've Limbus farmed quite a bit in the past and do have a few Homam/Nashira pieces (sitting in Storage nowadays). I haven't done the updated Limbus yet.

What experience do you have w/ sea?

~I've also done gorget/obi/jailer farming up through JoLove. No AV kills or worthwhile attempts lol

Personal RL Information

Age (Optional): 29
Gender (Optional): Male
Time Zone: Eastern
Time of day you usually play: After 6pm during weekdays if I can get online at all, anytime during weekends (I usually try to nerd out ALL weekend long when I can)
Will you be on Ventrillo with us?: I can and would like to, but I might need just a bit of help getting setup.
Who do you know in our LS?: Nobody that I'm aware of.
Who else has access to your account?: Nobody. I do have a couple of terrible mules that I occasionally use to help me "solo" stuff that I've needed though. A friend does have access to 1 of those mules, but Okimi is protected by a Security Token.

Other Notes (you can express anything you wish us to know or questions you may have here):

~I just want to express that I still have a lot that I would like to do in game, but I don't really have any friends left from when I used to play with whom I can team up. I'm just looking for a group of friends that like to help each other out and get things done. I do have a ton of gear that I need, but I'm by no means a greedy person. I would rather have fun and help each other out first and foremost. Thanks for considering my application!
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PostSubject: Re: Okimi - Application   Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:09 pm

Accepted by Dim

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Einherjar Cordinator

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PostSubject: Re: Okimi - Application   Mon Sep 17, 2012 4:59 pm

Seconded...will attend tavvy run for the win coming saturday

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PostSubject: Re: Okimi - Application   

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Okimi - Application
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