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 Rules, Lotting & Points Adjustments

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PostSubject: Rules, Lotting & Points Adjustments   Sat Jun 18, 2011 5:03 pm


1.) You will recieve 1 point. for every fully attended run made (that is from start to finish).
2.) Points. cap at 30 (points are a single total, there is no more icelands/cities seperation of points)
3.) If you are absent (excused or unexcused) you will recieve no points.
4.) Points will be deducted if you do not follow instructions given by a leader.
5.) Points will be calculated as follows:
(start total) + (days point) - (any lotted items pts) = (Ending Current Total)

Point Costs:

1.) Relic will cost 0 pts.
2.) Relic Accessories will cost 3 pts.
3.) -1 relic will cost 3 pts.
4.) 100's will cost 3 pts.
5.) Oneiros/Mujin/ect pieces will cost 5pts.
note: can only obtain each piece once
6.) Dynamis Lord/Arch Dynamis Lord pieces are LS controlled & you will need to post to get on the list for the following pieces:
a. Shadow Mantle
b. Shadow Ring
c. Sagasinger
d. ???
e. ???

Lotting Rules/Rights:

1.) Must have correct pts BEFORE run to comment. (does not pertain to Relic)
2.) 3 consecutive missed/unexcused runs will render you unable to comment altogether.
3.) Continuos absences w/o notice will render you unable to lot.
i.e. If you miss every other run w/o posting or PERSONALLY informing a LEADER (Chriscrosss/Dudeknext/Kardiaplin) you will miss a run, you will not be allowed to comment.

General Rules:

1.) Show up on time. At least 10-15min prior to entry time, so that we may get job changes done if needed.
2.) Sneak & Invivisible are required for City & Iceland zones only. You are responsible for your own tools/pots.
*ask fellow members if you need these, some have these crafts leveled & may be able to help you if you provide the mat's.
3.) If you are on game you are required to be at the run, otherwise you will be marked absent. Even if you are on shell (should you have an emergency or become aware you will miss the run please use the YELLOW comment).
4.) Respect the Leaders of the shell & in turn we will respect you (& be more willing/open to hear you out should you have any suggestions, questions, ect.).
5.) Respect your fellow LS mates. We are all very playful w/ eachother, in the sense we make fun of one another very openly. But should a member express their unwillingness to be the "butt" of a joke ect, plz respect their wishes & cease all actions of joking.

*Circumstances will be taken into consideration for attendence absences (i.e. emergencies, natural disasters ect.), again all attendence must be posted on the forum or notification given to either of the leaders (Chriscrosss/Dudeknext/Kardiaplin).

If you have any questions/suggestions, feel free to post them here or send me a pm.


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Rules, Lotting & Points Adjustments
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