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 Dynamis Applic

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PostSubject: Dynamis Applic   Sun Oct 17, 2010 10:00 pm

Character Information

Character Name: Latoya

Race: Hume

Main Job: Paladin

Other 75 jobs: PUP 85 MNK 75

Sub Jobs: War 49 NIN 50

Merits (List in detail. If multiple jobs please list Each job & then it's merits.):
Paladin: Fealty 1 Chivalry 2 Guardian 1 Puppetmaster: Fine-Tuning 4 Optimization 3

Crafts: None

Notable Gear (No links to external sites): None

Character Mission Progress Information:

Nation Rank(s): San d'Oran Rank 10

Rise of the Zilart: The Temple of Uggalepih

Chains of Promathia: Garden of Antiquity

Treasures of Aht Urhgan: A Mercenary Life, Still in progress

Mercenary Rank: N/A

Wings of the Goddess: Back to the Beginning

A Crystalline Prophecy: None

A Moogle Kupo d'Etat: None

A Shantotto Ascension: None

Endgame Schedule (All times are EST/EDT)

Dynamis: Tuesday 7:00pm and Saturday 3:00pm
Limbus: Wednesday 7:30pm and Sunday 7:00pm
Einherjar: Saturday 8:00pm
Salvage: Wednesday 9:30pm and Sunday 9:30pm (invitation only)

What events are you most interested in joining? All of above, Just need access to Limbus, Eiherjar, and Salvage

If accepted can you attend all events (that you've expressed interest in)? Yes

Why are you applying to DragonGuard?: Time for a new start

Previous Linkshell: TheLastVerse

Reason for leaving: They on a number of accounts kept repeating the same runs over and oner and the ones I can't go to so I figure that it was not for me..

End-Game Access information


What Dynamis experience do you have? Puppetmaster usen BLM frame helping BLM's kill the stones..
Cities Cleared: San d'Oran, Bastok, and Jeuno
Icelands Cleared: None
Dreamlands Cleared (N/A for no access): None
What Relic gear do you seek? Puppetmaster and Paladin
Are you currently or do you intend to begin working on a Relic Weapon? Yes very soon


Do you have Sea access? Yes
What experience do you have in Limbus? N/A
What experience do you have w/ sea? Farming orgins


Salvage is by invitation only. You may express interest in joining the salvage crew but will not be
guranteed acceptance. You're merits, job selection & gear will be overlooked by the Salvage leaders
& they will decide if you will be invited or not.


As einherjar is currently a side project all members are welcome.
Current jobs that will be of higher value & use to the event are as follows:
BLM - low demand as we only need about 3 in a run

Do you have any previous experience doing Einherjar? No
Are you looking for Amps or Abjurations? Yes
Do you possess any Einherjar key items, if so which? No

Personal RL Information

Age (Optional): 30
Gender (Optional): Male
Time Zone: Central Standard Time
Time of day you usually play: 12pm to 4am CST
Will you be on Ventrillo with us?: Yes
Who do you know in our LS?: Chriscrosss and Uuther
Who else has access to your account?: Nobody

Other Notes (you can express anything you wish us to know or questions you may have here):
6 Year Vetern I had to take a break for a while to do ITT classes and now that I am done I have return but my main account the imformation was lost so I had to come fresh and have come with a Vengeance and don't tend on slowing down.. afro
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PostSubject: Re: Dynamis Applic   Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:39 pm

sorry we been on break for thanksgiving send me a /t in game

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Dynamis Applic
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